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Financial Planning

People don't plan to fail they fail to plan. One of the most powerful tools is planning. We help you plan for emergencies, short term goals, retirement, and the loss of a family member. Schedule your Financial Freedom Meeting Today!


Financial freedom is not how much you earn or how much you save. Financial Freedom is how much you invest. Learning to invest allows your money to work for you instead of you working for money. Learn more, schedule your Financial Freedom Meeting today!

Life Insurance

There is no way to replace a family member but being able to replace the loss of income will allow space for healing. Life insurance is the cheapest way to create generational wealth. Get a quote Today!

Debt Elimination

Let's talk about methods to eliminate debt. Most Americans struggle with debt elimination. Learn proven strategies that eliminate debt! Schedule your Financial Freedom Meeting today!

Retirement Planning

What is your financial independence number? How much money will you need to make and invest In order to retire at the age you would like? Retirement is not an age, it's a dollar amount. Get your Financial Needs Analysis Today!


Looking for a financial advisor? A mentor? Someone to teach you how to be financially free, build a business, and how to earn unlimited income? We are here to help you! Create your own freedom. Schedule your Financial Freedom Meeting today!








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The primary goals for improving your personal finances

Reduce unnecessary spending

Identify need for income protection

Improve income earned

Achieve savings goal

Reduce liabilities and increase assets


We Pride ourselves on being servant leaders. Leading with knowledge, customer service and experience. We strive to service our clients with the best possible experience.

Expert Advisors

Receive services from professional agents who hold various licenses including but not limited to life license, Series 6, and Series 63. Our team is trained to help you achieve your goals.

Fast & Secure

Our team identifies your needs and finds a solution within minutes. Security is our top priority!

Our Testimonials

“After losing my father in February, I knew it was mandatory to get life insurance for my family. Chantae provided phenomenal service and got me the best policy possible. She was very understanding of my needs and was here to help. I was not just a dollar sign to her, she genuinely wanted to ensure my family was properly protected.”
Shawna P
Happy Client
“I lost my mother in 2020. I was forced to pay out of pocket for her funeral expenses. We were only left with ten thousand dollars from her job's retirement. This was not enough to cover her estate planning. I called Incourage Life to get life insurance coverage and left with a full financial plan. I will ensure that my children don't have to live through the financial burden of losing a parent.”
Amber T
Happy Client

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