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Financial Wealth Builders
Master Class

How Money Works

We are taught to trade our time for money, how to save and work for every penny. We call this hustling backwards. During this master class we will breakdown how money can work for you. 

How to Build Investment Foundation

Many of us struggle with investing because we don’t know where to start. During this master class we will break down the three fundamental investment accounts every financially free person should have.

How to Setup and Secure Retirement

Are you planning for retirement? Do you know how much you should be saving in order to retire comfortably? What does retirement look like for you? If you are unsure or answered no to any of these question, this master class is for you. 

How Life Insurance Really Works

Life insurance is the cheapest way to create generational wealth. Ensuring that you have the correct coverage is imperative to your families financial security upon your absence. 

How to Estate Plan

Ensuring that your assets and wealth stay in your family’s possession is how we create generational wealth. During this master class we will go over the importance of estate planning.

How to Build a Financial Service Business

The average person needs an extra $1,500 a month in order to get out of debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck and begin saving for emergencies. During this master class you will learn how to start making extra income by starting your own financial service business. 

Your Personal Financial Coach

Financial Coach, Author and Entrepreneur, Chantie Marie has helped dozens of individuals and family create financial freedom and time freedom by teaching how money really works. During this Master Class Chantie will personally break down how money can work in your favor, how your money can grow and how your money can work for you instead of you working for every dollar. Chantie’s life experience and proven strategies have catapulted the financial security of hundreds. 

“I help families find financial freedom and time freedom all while creating wealth”

ChantIe MArie

“In order to win a game you must first learn the rules. Money is a tool to wealth – when the tool is used wisely and the rules of the game are followed with strategy, you gain wealth.”