Millionaire Mindset Mixer

4th Annual Millionaire Mindset Mixer

Millionaire Mindset Mixer

“We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of our annual financial wealth building event, Millionaire Mindset Mixer, designed to empower and uplift communities to create, manage and build wealth. The Millionaire Mindset Mixer has been nothing short of transformative, uniting individuals and families from diverse backgrounds in a journey towards financial empowerment and freedom. The resounding turnout and enthusiastic participation have demonstrated the hunger for knowledge and the determination to break down systemic barriers to financial prosperity. We’ve witnessed stories of resilience and ambition that inspire us all. Together, we are forging a brighter path towards economic equity and prosperity, driven by education, empowerment, and community support. We remain committed to this mission, celebrating our recent success as a stepping stone towards a future where every member of our community can thrive.”

4th Annual Millionaire Mindset Mixer
Workshops | Mixer | Conference

Wealth Workshops 9AM-12PM

  • Money Manifestation 
  • Personal Credit 
  • Business Credit 
  • Career in Finance 
  • Basics of Investing 
  • Intro into Fix and Flip 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Non-Profit 101
Wealth Workshop session is a three (3) hour how to crash course. Each guest will get entry to all of the workshops. Workshops are thirty (30) minutes each and will be taught by our expert keynote speakers. 

The goal of each workshop is to give you step by step instructions in a smaller group setting. Each keynote speaker will provide a wealth of knowledge. This is your chance to get more information, more instruction and get questions answered.

Seats are limited! We encourage you to be on time and be ready to learn. This is your opportunity to ask the keynote speakers additional questions in their area of their expertise. 

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Mixer + Conference 12PM-4PM

  • Live DJ 
  • Bottomless Mimosas 
  • Refreshments 
  • Giveaways 
  • Vendors 
  • Keynote speakers 
  • Networking opportunities
The Mixer and Conference is the highlight of the day. This session includes one (1) hour of live DJ, the opportunity to network with other Denver local business professionals, giveaways and refreshments.

Followed by powerful conference featuring our keynote speakers. Our keynote speakers are experts in various fields and will be sharing a powerful message to our guest that will help you in achieving  financial independence.

Our goal is to provide you with the encouragement and resources to take the next steps in building your financial future. 


General Admission $44.44 

Entry to Mixer + Conference 

Buy one bring a friend free

All Access- $144.44 

Everything from General Admission + Wealth Workshops

2024 Keynote Speakers

Chantie Cowans

Author of Money Mindfulness a Guide to the Truth and Founder of Incourage life, Chantie Cowans is passionate about financial literacy and building financial wealth. With over sixteen (16) years in finance, she brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of credit, debt elimination, finance planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Her mission is to help create, inspire and encourage as many financial wealth builders as possible so that our communities can have an ecosystem that thrives for us.

Chantie is a dedicated financial specialist with a non traditional approach to building wealth. She believes that the key to financial freedom is in learning the rules to money. You must learn how money works before you can become financially independent. Money is a tool to wealth and there are rules to the game of wealth. She has dedicated her career to teaching the truth about money. 

As a successful entrepreneur she is on a marathon to create and encourage business ownership and teach financial literacy around the world.  

Dr. Auset Maryam


For twenty-five (25) years, Dr. Auset Maryam has been a successful speaker, artist, triple threat artist, entrepreneur in education, performing arts, non-profit, business consulting, and holistic healing. The founder of VPAC, a non-profit and independent educational system with a school in Ohio, programming in Denver, and is developing a trade school in Atlanta. She also leads Organizational Equity Solutions and launched Black Leadership Foundation, which raises funds through crowdfunding to distribute funds to underserved leaders across the country. 

She is enthusiastically pouring her expertise into other visionaries and organizations. She is the Board Chair of Urban League of Metro Denver, Board President of RISE 5280, COO Keystone Mortgage Academy, Program Coordinator of Project I See You, a mortgage loan originator with Your Community Lender, and a Program Specialist for Denver Public Schools.

Janine Kempfer

Janine Kempfer has almost thirty (30) years of entrepreneurial experience in the franchise, real estate and mortgage industries.  Today, Janine is the President and Owner of Prime Mortgage, LLC located in Greenwood Village, CO.

Her passion is to bridge gaps in homeownership, ensuring that everyone who wants to buy a house has a good chance of obtaining one through fair lending and community outreach. 

Janine founded Keystone Mortgage Academy in 2022 to continue her mission. After decades in the mortgage industry, she has seen firsthand the challenges that minority families face on the road to homeownership. She is committed to increasing minority representation within the mortgage industry, ensuring it reflects the diverse communities we serve.

Jelisa Jones

Jelisa Jones is seasoned entrepreneur who teaches individuals how to use their talents to create a successful businesses. She is the Founder of Babies Bee a Denver based dessert business that hits your sweet spot. She is also the Co-Founder of Limitless Apperal, a lifestyle brand.  She has successfully used her talents to create money and teaches others how to do the same. 

With her relentless journey surrounding money anxiety and  money depression, Jelisa became a Money Mindfulness Coach. She teaches others how to identify their limiting beliefs surrounding money and relearn new habits that help eliminate their anxiety and depression surrounding money. For many years, Jelisa has battled and holistically conquered money anxiety and depression and aims to teach individuals how to do the same. Jelisa believes that money is not just physical but is also mental and energetic. 

Kimberly Townes

As a dedicated life insurance agent and seasoned realtor, Kimberly Townes brings a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive financial solutions and expert guidance to her clients. With a proven track record of success, she has helped countless individuals and families secure their future through tailored life insurance policies and successful real estate transactions. 

Helping families qualify for life insurance and home buying Kimberly has made it her mission to touch as many families as possible, seeing that our community has as many affordable resources as possible. With her expansion in the Colorado market, she is committed to delivering the same level of excellence and personalized services that has defined her career. With a deep understanding of the local market dynamics and a passion for helping others achieve their goals, she is poised to make a positive impact and forge lasting relationships within the Colorado community. 

Iris Salguero

Iris Salguero is the accomplished President of Nitt Mortgage, a distinguished mortgage broker with an impressive twenty (20) year tenure in the financial industry. Her extensive background includes serving as a banker, manager, and branch manager, showcasing her expertise in the field. 

NITT Mortgage was established with a clear purpose in mind: to empower individuals and families to achieve their homeownership dreams. We believe that everyone deserves a place to call their own—a sanctuary where memories are made, and legacies are built. Through our comprehensive range of mortgage solutions, we make these aspirations a reality.

Iris is dedicated to building wealth through real estate, a successful landlord and real estate investor her experience navigating various areas of real estate allows her to provide expert knowledge in that field.  

A Financial Wealth Building Event

We are on a mission to teach our communities financial literacy and how to build and transfer wealth. Financial literacy is the key to financial freedom. We are contributing to closing the wealth gap by providing tools and resources to help rectify financial inequities. Join us as we make an impact in our community

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