Money Mindfulness

A Guide to the Truth

"Money is a tool to wealth. When the tool is used wisely and with strategy; you gain wealth"
Chantae Cowans

Money Mindfulness

Money Mindfulness is a profound and powerful guide to the truth about money. In Money Mindfulness we dig up the lies we have been conditioned to believe and we begin to examine the truth about money. 

A Guide to the truth

The only way for us to eliminate our struggles with money is to unlearn and relearn the rules of the game. If money is the tool to wealth then we must learn how to use it wisely and with strategy. Most people are under paid, over worked and broke(n). This guide will help you break the habits you have learned and start creating wealth.

Financial Wealth Builders

Money Mindfulness was created for the average person struggling to understand why they are not seeing their financial situation improve but know they are called to be abundant. They are encouraged and motivated to improve their current state. We call those individuals Financial Wealth Builders. As you begin to change your mindset about money you’ll begin to see endless opportunity for financial freedom. 

What's in it for you!

Consumer Mindset vs. Investor Mindset

Are you a consumer or an investor? Do you know the difference? In this chapter we explain the difference and help you identify your current mindset.

5 Financial Concepts to be Mindful of

In this chapter we dive into 5 financial concepts.
Budgeting, debt, assets vs. liabilities, 7 streams of income, and investing. For each concept we uncover the lies then start building with the truth.

What is Investing? Time, Money, Energy and Knowledge

The way to wealth is how much you invest. In this chapter we journey through investing. To gain wealth, you will need to invest wisely- with strategy.

Ways to Invest

There are several methods used to invest. In this chapter we cover a few simple strategies that you can implement immediately to begin to see improvements in your financial planning.

The Myths About Saving

Is saving important? Yes. Will saving make you rich? No. In this chapter you will find out exactly why.

How to Win During a Loss

Nothing can replace the loss of a family member but you can replace their income to allow space for healing. In this chapter we will cover the cheapest way to create generational wealth.

Money Mindfulness

Money Mindfulness will change your mindset and be the catalyst to having a healthy relationship with money. Don't miss out!